A spray able to make any object practically indestructible: this is the most synthetic definition that can be given by Line-X. By covering a watermelon with the spray, it is possible to prevent it from breaking even after a launch of over 50 meters in height.

Line-X coatings have existed for some years (mostly it is used to protect the truck bodies), but their notoriety has just arrived, after many have started to create videos in which they submitted the products covered with the spray. Line-X has been tested on watermelons, eggs and light bulbs, with incredible results.

Line-X behaves like a powerful two-component glue: in fact, the spray is composed of two basic substances that once combined create the super-resistant coating. The “secret” of the product is in the fact that the two substances are mixed at the time of the spray, since the solidification process takes place very quickly and therefore the substance would be impossible to apply if they were mixed before.

The authors of the “How Ridiculous” program have launched a watermelon covered by Line-X from a 45-meter tower. The watermelon rebounded like a ball without breaking. And not even an axe was enough to break it, but they had to resort to a circular saw.

In Mythbusters, Line-X was used to protect a man (or rather, his jacket) from the repeated bites of an attack dog, also to protect blocks of cement and wood from a controlled explosion of C4. The only test that failed was a simulated car accident, where at high speed the car coated with the spray suffered similar damage to that which had not been sprayed with the product. However, the coating was effective in protecting the car at low speed collisions.