At 23, Srikanth Bolla is the CEO of a company founded by him, which today is worth around 7.5 million dollars. A decidedly remarkable result, which becomes even more admirable if one thinks that Srikanth was born completely blind.

When Srikanth was born, several parents’ relatives and friends advised them to abandon him. A choice that surely would have been convenient, since the two, young and without qualifications, had an income of 20,000 rupees. The two, however, not only did not accept the advice, but instead tried to do everything to make Srikanth grow up in a positive and affectionate environment. And it seems that their education has worked. If you consider what he started with and what he has now, the case of Srikanth is almost a record, and not surprisingly attracted the attention of the world of industry and finance Indian, who have decided to invest in the boy’s society.

shrikanth-bolla Image The better India
Image: The better India


Srikanth had always shown great abilities at school, but when he got to high school he started to struggle because of his disability, but luckily he met a professor who agreed to record the lessons on audio, so that the boy did not need to face the problem of having to try and read books.

Even at the university, Srikanth had some difficulties. Despite a more than excellent score, the IIT (the main Indian polytechnic) refused admission because he was blind. But the rejection turned into an opportunity, because he was instead accepted by the prestigious MIT of Boston.



p style=”text-align: justify;”>When he completed his studies, Srikanth returned to India and decided to found a company to work with people who, like him, had to struggle to keep going in life. “Compassion is not to give a coin to a beggar on the street. It is to show how to live and to give the possibility to give the best. If you show compassion and do become rich people, if you include the people in your life and shove the loneliness away, if you do something good, you get it back”, explained the young entrepreneur.