From Britney Spears’ chewing gum to Justin Timberlake’s French toast, through Justin Bieber’s strand of hair, William Shatner’s kidney stone and the original ‘Hollywood sign’, for years on Mount Lee in Los Angeles… the list of (and not only) decidedly bizarre of items sold at auction on eBay is long.

There were those who even sold ‘the meaning of life’ in 2000 and, even stranger, eight people took part in the auction, which stopped at just over three Dollars. The seller wrote: “I discovered the reason for our existence and I will be happy to share this information with the highest bidder.”

It went significantly better for the two sisters from Virginia who, in 2008, sold a corn flake , whose shape resembled Illinois, for $1,350!! I mean, come on! 

ebay tablet

Three years earlier, still in the United States and still on eBay, the famous word “Hollywood” had been put up for sale above the trendy neighborhood of Los Angeles. The buyer spent more than 450 thousand Dollars to win it.

In the list of curious things that went online, there is also an American chewing gum (sold for 14 thousand Dollars) that Britney Spears would have chewed and spit during a concert in 2000 at Wembley Arena, as well as the French toast (bought by a 19 year old for 1,025 Dollars) of which Justin Timberlake had taken a few bites before being interviewed by a New York radio station.

On eBay were also put on sale: the kidney calculus of the actor of “Star Trek” William Shatner (the proceeds of 25 thousand Dollars went to charity), a lock of hair of the Canadian singer Justin Bieber (auctioned by Ellen DeGeneres for an animal protection organisation and sold for almost 41 thousand Dollars ) and … a grandmother. Yes, you read right!

In fact, in the latter case it was just an attempt: a ten-year-old English girl, in fact, had tried to sell her “annoying” grandmother, although “cuddly”… but the announcement was immediately removed from the site sales and online auctions.

Have you ever come across anything of the sort?