It is in a sense a sort of small Disneyland of Scandinavia, an attraction that attracts visitors from all over the country. Except that unlike the rides and the games, it is above all the offers of this huge shopping center that attracts the attention of the Swedes, which has become so popular that it has even earned its own reality show.

The most popular attraction

Little known outside Scandinavia, Gekås Ullared, located about 100 kilometers south of Gothenburg, is Sweden’s most popular tourist attraction, with nearly 5 million customers a year, an area larger than five soccer, 3,500 parking spaces, 9 thousand shopping trolleys, 82 cases and 95 dressing rooms only in the clothing department, the most popular. Only this weekend about 40 thousand visitors are expected, who will literally elbow themselves to grab the best offers of branded products at bargain prices for Christmas.

A growing success

As the Guardian reports, its success in Sweden is unrivaled with a turnover that has grown continuously every year since it opened in 1963, reaching about $ 500 million last year . In 2018, 13 million pairs of socks were sold to the facility, its most popular item, but on its shelves you can find everything: home decorations, clothes, toiletries, toys, food, technology, appliances and everything that can be transported inside or over a car. The average customer is 43 years old and lives about 230 kilometers away and about two thirds of them are women. The Reality that tells it next year will come to its eleventh season.

The secret of success is low prices

“Our secret is in our low price concept: people want to pay as little as possible and our quality is good. At the moment, we always try to introduce new features, a bit like an amusement park,” explained the CEO Boris Lennerhov . And as an amusement park over the years, a hotel, a campsite, a ski slope, an adventure park, a fishing area, mini golf, soccer and tennis courts and numerous restaurants have been built in the Gekås Ullared complex. designed to turn your stay into a sort of shopping holiday.