A thief was stuck in the window of a house before he managed to score the shot. The dream of every agent became a reality in Radcliffe, in the English county of Greater Manchester, where a 47 year old was stuck while trying to enter the bathroom.


Finding him ‘dangling’ from the window, almost five meters high, was the owner of the house. “He was kind to stay nearby” – Sergeant Richard Garland of the Greater Manchester Police, interviewed by the local media, joked – “Poetic justice “was served.”

The man, who was rescued and then arrested, was practically kneeling on the window sill. Such a thing “does not happen very often” – added Garland – “But even if we can laugh at him now, we must not forget that the poor homeowner has been very upset”.

The rescuers took about 20 minutes to pull down ‘the would-be thief’, who was injured in the ear in the daring enterprise .