It happened in São Paolo, where a 6 month pregnant pregnant thirty-year-old nurse was hit by a stroke on her wedding day, already dressed for the ceremony, just before the fateful yes. The baby was born and her dad will take care of her.. with the help of many.

Jessica, was already in the limousine that had to take her to church, when she felt ill. She had shot a video a little earlier, with her wedding dress, showing herself smiling on the day that was to be the most beautiful of her life. The pregnancy, however, had led her to suffer from gestosis, which involves a strong hypertension.

Flávio Gonçalves, the fiancé, a 31-year-old lieutenant in the fire brigade, was waiting for her at church. But in her place he saw alarmed relatives of hers arrive who told him how Jessica fainted. Flávio said that he managed to talk to her: she complained of pain behind her neck, but she was sure that everything was going well.

Unfortunately things were not like this. Taken to the hospital, she was subjected to an emergency cesarean. Then the situation precipitated due to internal bleeding and brain death took over. The baby she was carrying was saved. She weighs a kilo. She was called Sofia and she will remain in the hospital for two months.

Flávio’s colleagues and friends have opened a fundraiser, which has already exceeded the request by 200%. Respecting Jessica’s wishes, her organs were donated.