Unicorns are trendy, and there are those who have decided to take advantage of the appeal in the food segment too. The Spanish Gik Live! launched a few months ago Lágrimas de unicornio, a pastel pink wine that should make lovers of pop-glittery go crazy.

As you can read on the website of the company, it is a rosé wine created by two winemakers who own a company in Navarre. Needless to say, the mixture is secret.

It does not seem, however, that the Lágrimas de unicornio differs a lot, colour in part, from the other wines, those with a more traditional colour. According to the company it is perfect for great moments of conviviality or small moments in which to enjoy the tranquility with a good glass.


The company is not new to original proposals, it also sells Gik Blue Azul, which is blue indeed, Spicy Bastard wine and a wine with Japanese tea, soberly called Tokyo.

The goal is to reach a younger audience and less interested in oenological orthodoxy, even if the problems have not been missing: in 2017 Gik was confronted with a complaint from the great Spanish producers, opposed to the commercialisation of Blue Azul as wine and not as a simple drink. And they were right, even if on the site continues to appear in the Wine section but without the words that it is up to the high products.