The issue of plastic, its use, its impact on the environment and its possible alternatives is a topic that over the years has become increasingly hot, thanks to a growing awareness of the importance of safeguarding the environment. 

And so the IBM Silicon Valley laboratories announce the development of a new process – baptized VolCat – that will allow to recycle the plastic in a completely different way, and apparently more effective, than the one currently used.

plastic to dust In fact, the standard process requires that the different types of plastic be divided between them, washed, chopped and finally recast. The result is a material that tends to be of inferior quality , and that for this reason cannot be used in many productions. The novelty proposed by Ibm, on the other hand, involves the intervention of a special catalyst that inside a special tank, vaguely similar in its operation to a pressure cooker, goes to identify and digest polyethylene terephthalate (the Pet, that commonly used for water bottles) inside the plastic.

Separating it from the rest of the material and turning it into powder. This means, for example, that this new process could also allow a mesh to be recycled with partially synthetic fabric, returning a mass of cotton and a mass of plastic reduced to powder after the action of the catalyst.

Every country should move in this direction…