A white storm is coming, or at least that’s the threat (or the promise?). That is heard in the first official trailer of the second season of Narcos: Mexico.

The new episodes of the Netflix series dedicated to drug trafficking returns to its Mexican setting, after the first three Colombian seasons dedicated to the life of Pablo Escobar. Now, in fact, the focus shifts to Mexico’s drug cartels as they reach the peak of their expansion in the 1980s, in particular that of Guadalajara led by Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, the boss played by Diego Luna. As can be understood from the preview video, Gallardo is at the height of his success by planning ambitious plans to invade the American territory with his cocaine.

We see the boss openly challenging his enemies, on one side the Americans and on the other the Colombian criminal consortia . His delusion of power led him to show off a real tiger as a pet. Yet the Goddess , or the United States’ federal anti-drug agency, is planning a campaign to capture and defeat his cartel, especially after his actions in the first season led to the death of agent Kiki Camarena , played by Michael Peña.

Even in this new season the plots of the series are inspired by actual events: “To understand the current level of violence that revolves around the drug in Mexico, you need to understand how it all started” , he said showrunner Eric Newman.” The second season is like a Pandora’s box, the contents of which are the same as those we try to fight in vain 30 years later” The new 10 episodes of Narcos: Mexico will debut on Netflix on February 13th.