That staying hydrated is an important aspect for psycho-physical well-being is now more than known. What is still difficult to understand is how to realise that you are in a state of optimal hydration.

Simply drinking water during the day, in fact, is not always enough, especially in the summer, when the heat can play tricks on even those who try to pay attention. Fortunately, there are several symptoms that indicate a state of dehydration and that once caught as alarm bells, can be useful to encourage us to drink more water in order to solve the problem quickly and without problems.

Even those who drink enough, at times, can experience episodes of dehydration. This happens due to excessive sweating, heat stroke or other small phenomena which are often not given due attention. Since dehydration can also be very serious, today we will try to understand what are the signs that, if you are thirsty, indicate the need to increase your fluid intake. Here are the syptoms to look out for:

Bad breath. Without water, the saliva is not cleaned and this can lead to a proliferation of bacteria which results in bad breath and a mixed mouth sensation.

Desire for sugars. Thirst for some people is often perceived as hunger. If you have a sudden craving for sugar or fruit, the body is probably asking for water. When the stimulus arrives suddenly it is therefore advisable to try drinking a glass of water.

Drowsiness. It may seem strange but when you drink little, the body slows down its vital processes and this leads to feeling tired and sleepy. If this happens for no reason, then, perhaps it may be appropriate to drink one or two glasses of water.

Breathlessness. Even breathlessness can be a sign of the need to drink. In the face of an accelerated heartbeat without obvious reasons it is therefore worth trying a drink.

Mental confusion and irritability. Water is essential for the well-being of the brain and for carrying out cognitive functions. When you feel confused, and you feel a different headache, a glass of water could make the difference. This is also joined by an unmotivated irritability that leads to feeling anxious or nervous even for nonsense.

It is therefore clear that drinking is of fundamental importance not only for health but also to lead a serene existence and that it always flows on the right tracks. But how do you drink enough ?

If you are among those who have difficulty drinking frequently, remember that to stay healthy you must drink from a minimum of one and a half liters to two liters and more of water. Once this is done, you should always have water with you so you can sip it from time to time. And if the water just doesn’t cut it? There are special thermos on the market that allow you to carry flavoured water with you. Just insert some pieces of fruit in the center that will flavour the water. Of course, the ideal would be to get used to drinking natural water, perhaps trying different ones in order to find the one that best suits your tastes. What matters, however, is first of all to hydrate and not get to have symptoms to understand that the body is asking us for water.