If you thought we’d go from Birkenstocks, Crocs, and Tevas being fashionable back to a more ‘traditionally pretty’ style, you’d be completely wrong.

The sandals tipped to be the next big thing are just as blocky, just as functional, and just as much something you’d see your dad wear with socks. Word on the fashion grapevine is that Maseur Sandals are set to take summer by storm, with influencers seen in the reflexology shoes over in Australia.

The shoes are made by the Aussie brand Maseur, and have massage tips along the sole to ‘invigorate’ your feet and provide a mini massage as you walk.

Picture: Maseur

Despite the fact they’ve been considered in the path to be the orthopedic type shoes your granny might have preferred, they’ve been popping up on our feeds for a while now, and it’s a given that they’re ‘back’.


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Although Maseur don’t sell to the UK, you can bank on the fact that – given the flurry of articles written about them recently – they’ll be snapped by a stockist soon.

In the meantime you can grab a pair on eBay for £42.36, with the main downside being you’ll have to wait for them to be shipped from Australia. Over in Aus, they’re known as ‘chemist’s sandals’, as they’re often sold on the racks at local pharmacist.


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The Maseur slides were first created by Gabriel Eber in Sydney 30 years ago to help those suffering from aching feet and muscles, and have continued to have a reputation for wellness.

The benefits are supposed to be numerous, with claims they relieve pressure on the knees, hips, and back region, and correcting your posture. Safe to say it’s a surprise that they’re now being worn by the Insta-elite in Byron Bay, but fashion is cyclical.

If bloggers are keen to eat Buddha bowls and get massages for their health, there’s no reason why they can’t extend their concerns to their feet too.

Source: MetroUK