A beautiful community in Seal Beach, California, helped the owner of their local doughnut shop spend more time with his sick wife by buying all of his products so he could close the store earlier than usual.

John and Stella Chhan managed a modest doughnut shop on the Pacific Coast Highway for nearly three decades, but last September some of their regulars started to notice that Stella was not in the shop. She had suffered from a debilitating aneurysm, which had prevented her from communicating or moving for several weeks. Even though she had started talking again, the woman was still recovering from a rehab facility and John was going to stay with her every day after closing the store, but he had to keep it open to make ends meet. Fortunately, their fellow citizens intervened to help them spend more time together.

Dawn Caviola, a regular customer, could not stop thinking about what happened, after learning about Stella’s condition. After a few days he had the idea of ​​asking the neighborhood for help and helping John Chhan so he could be with his wife. The woman went to the social media pages of the neighborhood to propose her idea to the local community, and the answer was surprising. John’s bagels ended up three hours faster than usual, and sometimes they ended up at 10am, allowing the man to spend the whole day with his wife!

The days passed and I could not get it out of my head,” said Dawn Caviola. “So I thought that if enough people bought a dozen doughnuts every morning, Chhan could quit early and go and stay with his wife. They are such sweet and hard-working people“.

Apparently, a client even offered to create a GoFundMe crowdfunding page to raise money for Stella’s rehabilitation, but John Chhan refused, saying he did not want money but all he needed was time with his beloved wife. 

We are extremely grateful to everyone,” said Chaan. “Stella’s much better, now she can talk and is learning to eat again