Halfway between a gelatinous cake and a pod of dishwasher detergent comes the first scotch whiskey capsule to be enjoyed without water or ice, but simply savouring it just like candy. The idea is by the historic Scottish producer The Glenlivet and has already sparked a lively discussion on Twitter.

This is the tweet that formalised the idea, last October 2nd: “No ice. No mixer. No glass. We are redefining how whiskey can be enjoyed. We introduce The Glenlivet Capsule Collection #noglassrequired ”.

It was not enough to point out that the capsules are produced with biodegradable material and that, after all, it is more of an experiment. Needless to say, in fact, the chirping has become very popular among the admirers of this precious liqueur, denouncing to have distorted it since the preparation and tasting (in small sips) in the classic way are an integral part of the experience.

In short, something that must remain slow and with all that is eliminated here in favour of a simple and immediate use. But as they say bad advertising is still advertising and so these 23 ml capsules will make their official entry into society with a special event like the London’s Cocktail Week on October 13th.

There are still no reliable advances on a possible commercialisation, it could be a very successful joke to attract a lot of attention on the brand, but it is possible that sooner or later they are really seen on the shelves, as well as the whiskeys dedicated to Game of Thrones.

Photo: Glenlivet