They write a novel without ever meeting in person except when the book is published to them. It looks like a Hollywood movie plot but, instead, it is a true story and the two protagonists are Italian. 

Jessica Mastroianni and Marcello Affuso, 23 and 24 years old today, were two bloggers just over eighteen years old when they decided one evening to realise their dream, to write a book, and do it … together!

The two, who had met online through MSN Spaces, embarked on this journey in their rooms 350km away. In fact, he is from Naples while she from Lamezia Terme. “A un passo da te” is the name of their literary debut, conceived and created using all the information technology available to us today: telephone, Facebook, e-mail.

The choice of not seeing each other was initially dictated more than anything else by a series of fortuitous coincidences, but then the two, when they were already well advanced in the novel, decided a little by luck to continue that work as “strangers”.

Only 3 years and 255 pages after the two were able to embrace, on the occasion of the first presentation held in Naples.

A certainly emblematic story this, a novel in the novel that best represents our difficult times in which young people do not seem able to do anything but chat and tag themselves in strange photos. Not in this case, however, perhaps the hope of an intelligent and constructive use of the internet is still there. Too bad it was a somewhat isolated case and there are often no reports of similar stories.