The California police explained to journalists that they had used DNA to identify a suspected thief that “did his needs and did flush” at the crime scene. It is not clear whether the man has done this as a gesture of disregard against the robbed, or if he had “an urgency” and in the excitement of the moment he forgot to flush the toilet.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office said that Andrew Jensen, 42, was arrested a few weeks ago after investigators performed a DNA analysis on the fecal matter left in the thief scene at Thousand Oaks. The California Department of Justice reported that the analysis of the fecal matter had led to the identification of DNA like that of Jensen.

wc toiletTim Lohman, a detective from the Ventura County Sheriff office, told reporters that many people underestimate the amount of biological traces left behind: “Most people do not suppose or do not know that DNA can be obtained from other things besides hair and saliva,” Lohman said. “We are looking for any kind of evidence that may have been left. Let’s analyse it, whether it’s a cigarette butt or a forgotten can.” Jensen was arrested for suspected theft.