A thief entered a building containing offices, but then fell asleep on a chair and was arrested. The facts took place in the city of Orenburg, in Russia.

A 36-year-old man entered the building from a small window on the third floor. Once inside, he used several items, such as screwdrivers, nippers, a hammer, a nail puller and a bunch of keys, to enter different offices, looking for valuables. He had managed to raise 140,000 rubles (just under 1,800 Euro) in cash, but instead of rushing out of the building, the thief decided to rest a while, sitting down in an office chair. And there he stayed until the police found him still to sleep, several hours later

man sleepingThe intruder was seen sleeping in one of the offices where a security guard had sneaked through surveillance cameras. The guard called the police, who was in time to arrive without problems finding the man still asleep, with near him the bag with the money and the burglary tools. The man was handcuffed and arrested. The controls showed that he had previous convictions and was wanted.
It is not the first case of a thief who falls asleep on the “job”: some time ago in England a thief entered a pub , but after emptying the box he decided to take advantage of the beers, until he fell asleep on the floor, where it was found by the owners of the restaurant the next morning.