Stealing a car is already daft, but to do what this thief tried to do, is beyond that! A man was arrested for trying to steal a police car, with an agent inside. The facts took place in Japan.

The police car, unidentified, was stationary in a parking lot, unlit and open, with an agent on board who was monitoring in an undercover investigation, when the twenty-three year old Ushio Sato entered the vehicle, then fleed immediately when he realised that the car was not empty.

auto-automobile-blur-policeThe agent on board immediately arrested the boy caught red handed. In front of the judge, Sato pleaded guilty to the attempted theft.
It is not clear why the boy did not realise that the car was not empty. The car may have had the rear windows obscured. It is not even known whether the arrest made by the agents has blown their coverage or not.