After singer-songwriter JoJo wowed us at the Grammys with her thigh jewellery, we know what we’re going to be wearing in summer 2020. Let’s not gloss over her achievements on the night though, the 29-year-old singer and actress scooped up her first Grammy for the Best R&B Song.

But we couldn’t but notice that she adorned her upper thigh with a bit of bling.

Picture: Getty Images

Jojo paired her metallic grey strapless dress with a simple silver chain around her thigh. The thigh-high split on one side obviously did its part in showing off the bit of bling. Fans were loving the look which didn’t feature any other heavy jewellery, letting the thigh chain take centre stage. And naturally, we want to look equally fabulous.

Though we probably won’t be whipping out the legs any time soon (still enjoying Januhairy, thank you very much), it’s definitely something we might consider for the warmer months. Over on Twitter, the look wowed fans.

One user joked: ‘Thigh jewellery is so pretty, I just wish they made it in size thunder.’ If you want in on the action then we’ve got a few fab options, and don’t worry, they come with an elastic band which should make it suitable for different sizes. Pair it with denim shorts or a fancy evening gown, there’s something for anyone hoping to dazzle people with an unconventional accessory.

Leg chain – Boho Jewelry – Gypsy

Picture: SimonaZion/Etsy

Festival Bridal Bodychain, WhiteluckWorkshop

Picture: WhiteluckWorkshop/Etsy

Aphrodite Diamond Thigh Jewellery, WhiteHeartCo

Picture: WildHeartCo/Etsy

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