This sweet little girl is raising awareness about inclusivity. Her name is Francesca Rausi, and she is a model with Down Syndrome. She will be competing in the Junior locality model contest, which will be held this August.

Francesca’s mother talked to GuideMeMalta and explained how she “decided to enroll Francesca to this competition because ever since she was very young, she loved the camera, photos and the catwalk! … Seeing her doing something that she loves makes me happy.”

Image: Robert De Carlo via Gaffiero Productions / Facebook

Michelle also commented about inclusivity in Maltese society: “I believe that in Malta we need to see more of this … I think it will help raise awareness that children with Down Syndrome can do things that other children do.”

Image: icam Studios – Photography & Design via Michelle Rausi / Facebook

You can vote for Francesca now by sending ‘Francesca Rausi’ to 50614214. And you can vote more than once! Go girl!