If you have dreamed of holding a sword as part of your daily activities, there is a company that can turn that dream into reality, at least in a certain sense.

Hero’s Armory is a company specialised in the creation of everyday objects in the shape of fantastic weapons, from swords decorated to magic wands. This way, you can open the front door with a copy of famous swords from movies or video games like World of Warcraft, or use Thor’s hammer as a bottle opener.

Hero’s Armory founder and CEO Brian Hermansen came up with the idea for the company in 2015, while looking at The Lord of the Rings and trying to get his son to sleep. The man is a consultant for products and brands and had worked with a customer to create an intelligent key ring, and therefore in a certain sense in that period he often thought about the keys. When he saw the Narsil sword on the screen, he thought it looked a lot like a key.

The idea of ​​a sword-shaped key remained in his mind, and Brian decided to try to create a company on this idea. He managed to finance the first 10 key projects through Kickstarter, and over time he introduced other objects such as sword-shaped tie clips, a line of cufflinks, USB sticks, bottle openers.

Hero’s Armory produces both designs based on film, anime and video game weapons (although they are usually not called by the original name, probably for licensing reasons), but also on original designs created by themselves.