It’s a hypothetical bet that has been on the Internet for years: would you agree to spend a year without smartphones in exchange for $100,000? Today, it is no longer an imaginary question: Vitaminwater recently launched a competition that challenges participants to give up their smartphones and tablets for a whole year. The prize? 100,000 Dollars (around 88,000 Euro)!

Vitaminwater’s #nophoneforayear challenge requires participants to spend 365 days without using a smartphone. This means giving up your phone and tablet, and of course you do not even use someone else’s devices. The selected person must sign a contract that commits him not to use the smartphone for the duration of the competition and if he succeeds in respecting this pact then he can claim the prize at the end of the year.

Three Women Standing Near Man Holding Smartphones

The first step, however, was to be chosen to participate in the competition. To participate, in fact, you had to first of all post a photo on Twitter or Instagram in which you explained to Vitaminwater why you needed a break from your smartphone (using the hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest). Posts submitted were to be judged on the basis of creativity, relevance to the brand, humour and quality. Unfortunately, the competition was reserved for US residents only.

It is worth noting that the selected person will not be forced to give up completely on the phone. In fact, Vitaminwater will provide a “1996 mobile phone” complete with a monthly plan for voice communication only.

Vitaminwater explained that the idea is to encourage people to make better use of their time.¬†As said, the competition was reserved for US residents only. But who knows… this might be an inspiration for us to try not to constantly abuse smartphones…