They are the source of laughter for many and disgust for others. They can make or break a friendship, and be the cause of many rifts in a relationship. And, for some reason, those that are the most unbearable belong to your father or your dog. Sure, I’m talking about farts…

Whether you call it flatulence, fart, trot, tooting or gas in transit, we all do it. But seriously, I’m one of those guys who can’t see the funny side of farts. Call me delicate, my friends farting in the car and holding the windows up are not my idea of ​​”fun”. I am also in one of those relationships in which we do not fart in front of each other, and if we let one slip, it must be faced with great shame. I simply wouldn’t survive in any other kind of relationship. Because farts are disgusting.

And for those of you who think I’m exaggerating, think about this; when you smell someone else’s fart, you literally have particles from their ass on your tongue. Should I say more? But the main reason for hating farts is the fact that they smell bad. However, what if it were not the case? And if, for example, your farts could literally smell like a bouquet of roses? Well, according to this company, they can.

Lutin Malin is a French company that produces ingested capsules which state that it will ensure that flatulence is scented like roses. But it’s not the only scent you can get from your bottom. The company also sells pills that can make your farts smell like violets, ginger and, above all, chocolate! This is not a medicine or a drug, according to the website, they are simply a “food supplement based on natural ingredients” – or what is known as “phytotherapy”.

And according to their website, they have been doing it since 2007, and their many returning customers show that these pills do, in fact, work… “The Fart pill is the result of extensive research and testing and has been on sale since 2007. Our different fragrances also add a touch of humour to any occasion.”