Why when we have a holiday, a week a bit ‘more relaxed than usual, we tend to get sick? Obviously it is a sensation and there is no possible link or causal link. In fact, we get sick more often than we remember, but it is probable that we tend to remember more precisely the situations in which it happened when we could have had a few days of relaxation (spent under blankets or with a fever).

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Yet, it happens to many during the Christmas holidays, but when the phenomenon is repeated with a certain, fatal frequency, there may be some more elements. Not just in the winter but just when we are about to start or we just started a holiday period comes the terrible cold, the virus that we did not expect, the stomach ache or the unexpected exhaustion. Why?

Among the first causes could for example be the same preparation for the holidays. That is the (tight) approach path. For example, because we have burdened the workload to deal as many loads as possible, late working hours, avoiding the daily routines to dedicate ourselves to the organisation of what awaits us. In short, in the days immediately preceding the deadlift we can in fact reach a state of deep stress and fatigue, as confirmed by HuffPost UsaEdo Paz, director of Heartbeat Health, a New York private cardiology center. Sleep, attention to what you eat and drink, exercise, and healthy routines are essential to be protected at that time.

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The second element is that we could experience a sort of “discharge effect”, following a period full of stress and commitments that could also lead us to panic, in turn related to a bad condition developed once on vacation.

Third factor, the journey. The trips can, in effect, weaken our immune system. On the other hand it is obvious: you come into contact with many people, you go to crowded and tiring places. Also in this case, in addition to the hygiene of the hands and the protection of the usual good habits, it is interesting to pay attention to some elements, for example in the place chosen on a plane.

Obviously, prevention in general is essential. The advice is for example to take the vaccine for flu, in the appropriate periods. The hygiene, as I said, is essential, for example disinfecting your hands every time you come into contact with surfaces touched by dozens of people a day, and even the self-assessment of their condition. If, for example, you do not feel well, you should avoid trips and transfers and, if you have decided to still go, equip yourself properly: cover yourself well (but also cover your sneezing) and always throw used handkerchiefs.