It ain’t something new, humans have always strived to excel above others…. to be the fastest and the strongest… but this one’s new… now we’re competing at the one who can sit on the toilet the longest!!!!

Blegian Jimmy De Frenne tried to be that person. The man sat himself on a toilet in an Ostend bar for almost five days in an attempt to set the world record. During his bathroom break, the toilet-sitter checked his phone, enjoyed hearty meals and chatted with friends and family.

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He was allowed to get off the toilet every hour for five minutes. And, in an unexpected twist, he was also allowed real toilet breaks, as his competition toilet was not connected to any actual plumbing!

The feat was not as easy as it looked. De Frenne said his legs eventually began to hurt and that he got tired. He wasn’t able to meet his goal of 165 hours and instead clocked in at 116 hours.

Representatives from Guinness World Records have not yet commented on the attempt.