disabled ipad

No, it’s not a video game. It’s all true. What the New Yorker journalist tweeted last Saturday happened at his home. Protagonists: his three-year-old son and his (father’s) Ipad. 

In a desperate attempt to unlock the password and access the screen the child has typed the keyword, obviously incorrect, an infinite number of times, probably beating unconsciously at home on the keys. 

Result: the security system of Evan Osnos’ tablet blocked the Ipad for 25,536,442 minutes. Translated into years: 48 and a few months. That is until 2067.

help disable ipad

The solution? This is how Osnos, a journalist for the New Yorker, published the photo of the blocked iPad on his Twitter profile: “The iPad is deactivated, try again between 25.536.442 minutes”. And he asked for help from his 85,000 followers.
It was suggested to him to reinstall the iPad operating system and try to recover the data through a backup copy. The irony award goes to the response of one of his friends: “You could give it to your son for his 51st birthday”!