Months before a 3-year-old girl from Washington died, investigators believe she suffered horrific abuse at the hands of her father’s girlfriend.

According to Q13, doctors believe 3-year-old Hazel Homan died of Shaken Baby Syndrome, but a medical examiner also found bruising on her neck, chin, chest, and groin area.

The examiner also said her finger, wrist, knee and hip bones showed signs of “breaks and healing.” All of which are believed to have occurred in the last six months.

As court documents obtained by Q13 reveal, since moving in with her dad in June, Hazel and her father’s 27-year-old girlfriend Kamee Dixon also started spending a lot more time together.

Dixon would reportedly watch Hazel when the father would go off to work. The documents said family members and friends also became suspicious of abusive behavior.

While covering for Dixon, a family member watching Hazel on August 3 took photos of bruising she saw on Hazel’s body, as well as a scar from what the family member believed to be a cigarette burn.

That same month, as Q13 reports, a friend who was visiting Dixon said Hazel accidentally wet herself causing Dixon to get extremely angry. Dixon responded by putting Hazel in a cold shower and leaving her in there for a “long time.” When she saw Hazel “was in visible distress, shaking, and clenched teeth,” the friend stepped in.

Police said medical records, CPS referrals, and eyewitness accounts lead them to believe Hazel was abused. And because Dixon was Hazel’s caregiver while her father was away, the 27-year-old has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder and homicide by abuse.

However, despite his daughter’s tragic passing, Brandon Homan is defending his girlfriend in an interview with Q13. “This is a tragic situation. I just, more than anyone, I am the father. It’s my baby girl, I want answers too. But don’t place blame.”

Dixon’s bail was set at $1 million.