Three years and an incurable cancer. When the doctors diagnosed an aggressive brain tumour on Lana Nixon, her parents had no doubts about what to do: “She must hurry up and do whatever she will no longer be allowed to do. For example participate once in life to dance the end of the year.” And so it was.

The little girl has fulfilled one of her greatest wishes: to wear a pink dress and go to the most anticipated ball of the year with her older sister, Neve, 16 years old. Between dances, laughter and games on the track the two sisters lived an unforgettable evening, after months of agony due to the heavy chemotherapy sessions.

Her mother Gemma, 34, did not hold back the tears: ” It was incredibly exciting to see her in a ball gown after months in hospital pyjamas,” she said. “We can’t believe her strength and courage. She is a girl full of joy, loving and fun despite all that has happened to her. She deserves the world for all she has endured. “

The two sisters went to the dance with an exclusive vehicle, a Rolls Royce. “Snow and I are two princesses,” Lana kept repeating on the way. The parents, Gemma Nixon, 34 and Andrew Haswell, 40, both left their jobs to follow their daughter on the way: “We don’t know if Lana will recover, but in the meantime we try to make her live the best life possible.”