First it was Snapchat’s turn, then Instragram and now Tik TokWe are talking about the “new” application most in vogue among the very young and which in recent months has managed to quickly become the most downloaded app from the Google Play Store and App Store. The success was overwhelming, so much so that Facebook had to take cover and implemented new Tik Tok-style features on its applications.

Simply talking about the app is a little reductive. As happened with Instagram, Tik Tok soon became a real or social network, where above all the younger ones show off their personalities. Tik Tok was born as an application to make videos in lyp-sync: just choose the song, move your lips, dance and publish the video on your personal profile. Now it has become a social network where you can publish videos using absurd filters, add GIFs or make real memes.

The functioning of Tik Tok follows that of the other social networks: you create your own personal profile and start following the other users, according to the videos they publish. The rise of Tik Tok is unstoppable and is becoming the third inconvenient in the fratricidal struggle between Facebook and Instagram. If you want to take advantage of these early stages of Tik Tok to increase followers and become famous, you need to know some tricks that will make your life easier.

Making a duet on Tik Tok

Is singing with your favourite singer your dream? With Tik Tok you can create remote duets . Doing it is very simple: if your friend has published a video with a song that you care about, just press the share button, choose Duetto and start recording your movie. This way other users will be able to appreciate your singing test and start following you.

Make a video using photos

An original way to create a movie is to use images. Tik Tok allows you to select the photos in the smartphone gallery and automatically creates a video, giving you the possibility to also add writings, emoticons and GIFs. An original content that will differentiate you from other users with the possibility of increasing followers on Tik Tok.

Short videos

Short, fast and easily shared. This is one of the tricks to make videos on Tik Tok that will allow you to increase the following. Users do not like to see very long movies or those in which they show off their skills. You have to be simple and pass on your authenticity.

Follow the trends of the moment

It may seem like a trivial piece of advice, but it allows you to achieve success easily. In the videos you use the songs of the moment, or masterpieces known by everyone. Tik Tok is a social frequented mainly by younger people and it is normal that they go in search of movies with popular songs.

Use hashtags

As on Twitter and Instagram, you can also personalise your videos with hashtags on Tik Tok . To quickly increase your followers you need to enter the current trends and use the right hashtags. Before you publish a new movie, study the trending videos and get inspired.

Learn from the most famous

Studying the videos of the most followed users is a good way to understand what to improve in the making of your videos. Analyse the filters used, the type of video and try to draw the right lessons.