Next Sunday, March 29th 2020 at 2.00am, we will turn the clock one hour ahead (from 2:00am to 3.00am) for summer time.

Why are there two types of #times? #Summer and #winter? Over time, man has felt the need to change the daylight hours over the different #seasons, making the best use of daylight (#Daylight #Saving #Time), mostly for work and business reasons.

With the change in time happening on Sunday early in the morning (at night), the day will feel longer, due to the fact that the sun goes down later. On the night between Saturday 28/3 and Sunday 29/3, we will also have an hour less sleep.

Some European countries do not change their time between winter and summer, but they keep the same time throughout the year. In the meantime, the European Commission expects to lift this system (‘DST’) by 2021 and leave each country within the U.S. decide what time to keep (between summer and winter) throughout the year.

#Malta is expected to pick summer time. Summer’s 2020 time will end on Sunday, October 25th, when the clocks go back one hour and so winter time begins (for the last time).

What time do you prefer to keep? Summer or winter time?