Noah the ‘Time Traveller’ claims to live in the year 2030, and he comes to us with some bad news for 52% of Brits, after claiming that he knows what is going to happen to the UK after Brexit!

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With no end to the Brexit mess in sight, you really have to be some sort of magician or time traveller to know what will come out of this havoc! His latest ‘prediction’ is about what the country will look like in 11 years time.

Noah claims that, despite Brexit, the UK will eventually re-join forces with the EU again before 2030. “The thing about the European Union in the future is all the countries in the EU actually converge together into one giant country, and the UK kind of acts like a district in this giant country,’ he continued. Noah claims other nations will follow in the trend of merging borders; and that a new currency will be introduced, making both the Pound and Euro obsolete.

He also warned of drastic changes to the UK’s temperature. Nothing new there! i mean, we all know that we need to take care of our planet if we do not want temperatures to keep on rising! However, we surely didn’t know that Britons will have a chip implanted into their heads to help increase increase brain-capacity up to six times over! I’d definitely need that one myself! Another chip Noah talks about will be placed into wrists to regulate both physical and mental health.

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