Tik Tok is the social phenomenon of the moment and is depopulating on the web, conquering thousands and thousands of young users every day. 

Unlike the other social platforms, Tik Tok is mainly based on entertainment, and one of its main features is precisely the possibility of expressing your creativity with funny videos, choreographies and songs in lip-sync.

What is Tik Tok

Tik Tok, formerly known as Musical.ly, is an innovative social app that allows you to upload short entertainment videos to a platform. In a few years of activity, the app has gained extraordinary fame, reaching more than 150 million users around the world: immediately loved by teenagers, Tik Tok has been able to conquer even a more adult target and has attracted attention of many influencers, who immediately migrated en masse to the new platform.

The novelty of this service is all in the possibility of sharing your talent as well as being able to interact with other users: the app allows you to share clips lasting between 15 and 60 seconds, combined with music, sound effects and filters. The clips include ballets, comic mini-sketches, musical parodies or lip-sync, and are characterised by extremely fast and creative editing. The fact that the social network has hundreds of millions of subscribers, then, gives the opportunity to become very popular and build a  following of millions of followers .

How Tik Tok works

The first thing to do is to download the app on your smartphone : Tik Tok is available for free on the app store for both the Android and iOS operating system, and has the icon of a musical note with neon colours on a black background. Once the app is installed you can immediately start using it to view the contents published by the other tik tokers, but to upload your videos you will first need to register an account. To create a new profile you can choose to use your email address or phone number, or you can choose to connect it to another social account such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google.

At this point you can start building your page, upload your profile photo and a short biography, and customise your feed. In the menu bar at the bottom you will find four buttons: the first will take you to the Home , where you will see all the contents uploaded by your community in the For you section , you can search for other users to follow and discover videos tailored for you, selected according to your tastes and interests; then there are the button to upload a new video, access the message centre to chat with the other tik tokers, and view your profile.

How to upload videos to Tik Tok

At this point you are ready to upload a new video on Tik Tok. Doing so is very simple, just press the central button with the [+] symbol and grant the app permissions to use your phone’s camera and microphone. If you have already recorded your video, just import it from the gallery, otherwise this is the time to give free rein to your imagination! After choosing the clip it is the turn of the audio: by clicking on Add Sound, you can choose the track to match to the movie by selecting it from the thousands available in the app’s playlists; you can also set the playback speed you prefer.

If you are finished recording videos, press the √ symbol, to see your preview and possibly make changes. There is no shortage of finishing touches: by clicking on the icon of the three coloured circles you can customise your movie with numerous special effects and filters. Using the selfie shot mode, you can select the vlog button to add moving writing, stickers, 3D effects, glasses, ears, animal faces and much more.

To increase the gallery of available filters many users choose to download some apps similar to Tik Tok and then import the videos: the most famous are FunimateLike and Triller. When you are satisfied with your creation, click on Next and then on Publish. If you want to save the video in the app without publishing it, click Drafts . By clicking on the down arrow symbol you can finally save the video in the multimedia gallery of your device, making it available for publication on other platforms.