The uniform debate in Malta has been going on for a couple of years… it feels as if we reach a decision and then we move on to asking for opinions again. I mean, why don’t we just get it over with? Most parents have joined the¬†Ban-The-Uniform Brigade and I can understand the main reason why.

men's blue dress shirt

Let’s face it – it’s not only got to do with children being comfortable at school. Might be one of the reasons but the main, and am sure many will agree with me is the simple fact that uniforms cost quite a lump sum of money!

Yet I ask… is it still cheaper to buy more than one school tracksuit and t-shirts other than just one uniform? Because I do hope one doesn’t intend to have one tracksuit and t-shirt for a whole week!

If we have to be honest, we should be concentrating on far more serious and pressing matters within our Educational system…¬†uniforms have little to do with it!