On the occasion of the International Day for the Protection of children, the Maltese National Association of Foster Care (NFCAM) ​​reminds and emphasises the importance of children’s growth and the importance that they grow within the love of a family who cares for them and respects them; because this gives them the security and stability necessary to develop their full skills.

In a statement, the association states that this right is also underlined in the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) (UN, 1989) and Guidelines on Children Alternative Care (UN , 2010) which Malta is a signatory and bound to honour. 

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Unfortunately, in Malta there are many children who can not live with their biological parents and are still living with an alternative family. Foster care is the natural choice for such infants, children and young people because it ensures the stability which is so much needed in their upbringing.

The Association urges to strengthen existing services and create other services that support foster carers in their commitment to protect the most vulnerable children in our society so that none of them has to keep changing the family they are brought up with. Investment in this sector will ensure that all children enjoy the fundamental right to live within the love of family and children who are still living in abuse are given protection without delay.

The Maltese National Association of Foster Care pursues full rights for children in alternative care and offers support and voice to carers.