Women’s Day is celebrated today in many countries of the world. This is to remember the rights obtained by women in the last century and those still to be obtained; and to give them more space than in the other days of the year.

International Women’s Day, as formally called Women’s Day, was not always celebrated on March 8th as it happens now every year, but on February 28th. It was 1909, and the American Socialist Party – it existed – organised an event to favor of women’s right to vote, which was introduced nationally in the United States in 1920.

women right to vote
Image: ACLU of Maine

Women’s Day is celebrated today, with cultural differences between countries. The first Women’s Day to be celebrated on March 8th was the one in 1914, perhaps because that year was a Sunday. Three years later there was another demonstration, again on 8th March, in which the women of the capital of the Russian Tsarist Empire, St. Petersburg, protested to demand the end of the war. Four days later the interim government granted women the right to vote.

That of the women of St. Petersburg was one of the first and most important manifestations of what is now called the Revolution. February (because, for the Julian calendar at the time in force in Russia, it took place on February 23rd). After the Bolshevik revolution, in 1922 Vladimir Lenin established on 8th March as an official holiday.