That moment that you have had enough of changing nappies and wish to potty or toilet train you kid, is one some fear with all their might! Let’s face it, you cannot send children to school if they are not toilet trained, so this is something which needs to be conquered by age 3.

Some kids seem unable to grasp the concept, and they are more comfortable with the nappy. Others throw tantrums in the hope of not being bothered with the issue anymore. But fret not… eventually they all get it!

Now we prefer to talk about  difficulties and not problems. It is important to transmit to the kids that obstacles can be overcome together; where fears can become opportunities. Regarding specifically toilet training troubles, we have some suggestions:

What you as a parent or guardian can do: 

  • Face the fear with the child, without ignoring this signal.
  • Transmit naturalness when you are in the bathroom, involving the baby in various tasks: toilet paper, arrangement of creams or various products, etc.
  • Help the children become acquainted with the bathroom and the toilet: touch it, clean it with a sponge and try to “face the enemy” rather than avoid it. Even the simple gesture of pulling the flushing is a way to imitate adults and gradually enter into harmony with the dreaded object
  • Bring toys to the bathroom and reassure them. “Come to the bathroom, too, and we’ll put you next to the toilet. You must not be afraid, we are with you, come on! “.
  • Talk without threats or prizes: it must be a natural goal that everyone faces in his or her own way.

What can the child who is afraid of the toilet do?

  • Try to spend good time in the bathroom (without fear, without crying).
  • Greet the toilet: to gain greater confidence with the object.
  • Try to sit down and agree to try to do like mummy and daddy.
  • Play or look at a booklet in the bathroom trying to get on the toilet in an increasingly autonomous and safe way.

Do you have any other tricks up your sleeve?