If last Tuesday the heat was on.. today’s it scorching hot! Tonight is the night for Michela to take the stage and own the arena!

Today’s show will feature guest performances by the national selection participants Shalva Band, which is comprised of musicians with disabilities, and Israeli mentalist Lior Suchard. Also, the viewers will be able to watch a sneak peek of the Big 5 performances by Mahmood, Michael Rice, and S!sters, three of the six pre-qualified finalists. Eighteen countries will participate in the second semi-final. Those countries plus Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom will vote in this semi-final. Switzerland was pre-drawn into this semi-final due to scheduling issues.

Esc Semifinal 2

The countries we will be seeing performing tonight are:

  1. Armenia with ‘Walking out’ by Srbuk
  2. Ireland with ’22’ by Sarah McTernan
  3. Moldova with ‘Stay’ by Anna Odobescu
  4. Switzerland with ‘She got me’ by Luca Hänni
  5. Latvia with ‘That night’ by Carousel
  6. Romania with ‘On a Sunday’ by Ester Peony
  7. Denmark with ‘Love is forever’ by Leonora
  8. Sweden with ‘Too late for love’ by John Lundvik
  9. Austria with ‘Limits’ by PÆNDA
  10. Croatia with ‘The dream’ by Roko
  11. Malta with ‘Chameleon’ by Michela <3
  12. Lithuania with ‘Run with the lions’ by Jurij Veklenko
  13. Russia with ‘Scream’ by Sergey Lazarev
  14. Albania with ‘Ktheju tokës’ by Jonida Maliqi
  15. Norway with ‘Spirit in the sky’ by KEiiNO
  16. The Netherlands with ‘Arcade’ by Duncan Laurence
  17. North Macedonia with ‘Proud’ by Tamara Todevska
  18. Azerbaijan with ‘Truth’ by Chingiz

Screen Shot 2019 01 28 At 16.27.41

From the Big 5, tonight we will be seeing:

  1. Germany with ‘Sister’ by S!sters
  2. Italy with ‘Soldi’ by Mahmood
  3. United Kingdom with ‘Bigger than us’ by Michael Rice

Viewers from all the countries taking part in the Second Semi-Final (that includes us!) are invited to vote via the official app, telephone and/or SMS. The voting window will be open after the last song has been performed, and will end 15 minutes later. Televoters determine 50% of the outcome while professional juries do so with the other half of the voting combination according to the performances of yesterday’s Jury Semi-Final show.

Remember, in case of a tie between two or more songs in the combined ranking between public televote and jury, the song that obtains a better ranking from the viewers will prevail. Full split results will be revealed after the Grand Final to keep the excitement until the end of the contest.

Well, well… whatever happens tonight we hope Michela has the time of her life on stage. We are sure she will give her very best and she will be putting her heart into her singing as she always does. Unravel Malta is behind you all the way Michela! Rock that stage!