A family were shocked to be presented with a bill for just over €119 (£103) after ordering three hot dogs, a sandwich and five soft drinks at a restaurant in Rome.

The tourists from Puglia, Italy, were particularly galled to find a service charge of nearly €20 (£17) had been added on.

Leo Recchia, 47, had been visiting the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel with his wife and two children on 2 November when they ducked into a café on Via Della Conciliazione to escape the rain.

He told Italian news site Il Messaggerothat he didn’t “pay much attention” to the menu.

“We sat down, my son chose the hot dog on the menu. We ordered two more, plus a sandwich,” he said.

“€22 for each hot dog. A sausage with fries… Almost €20 of service. To think that the night before we had gone to a restaurant behind the Pantheon: we spent the same, but for a complete dinner.”