Training for six months to run a marathon can rejuvenate the arteries, starting from the aorta, by 4 years: a study of athletes who have trained for their first marathon reveals it.

The greatest benefits are found to the advantage of the older and slower “aspiring marathon runners”. The results were presented in Venice at the EuroCMR 2019, a meeting of the European Cardiology Society.

carnival run athletes

The study was conducted by Anish Bhuva of the prestigious University College London involved 139 aspiring marathoners aged 21-69 who trained for the London 2016 and 2017 marathons.

Experts measured the rigidity of their arteries (in particular the ‘aorta, a major vessel that brings oxygen to the main body districts) before the start of the marathon training program (which included an average of 10-20 km of running per week for a period of six months) and after having participated in the expected tender. The rigidity of the arteries – or the loss of elasticity of the vessel walls – is a sign of their aging.