Everybody likes traveling or traveling. Discovering different places where we live and the related customs, traditions as well as typical dishes and drinks is something that really does the soul well. It would be nice to have a current account with lots of zeroes, not having to worry about work and traveling 365 days a year but for the vast majority of people this is absolutely impossible.

When we are at home, however, we can travel with our imagination and our favorite films, in particular with those that show us places that are truly distant and fascinating, even if sometimes invented. But the Betway Blog, The Insider, thanks to the online casino team has even done something more. Taking into consideration some cult films, he analyzed the possible costs of the destinations present in some feature films.

airport travellerSome choices are decidedly amusing and unusual, starting with the first film analyzed, Star Wars: The last Jedi, Episode VIII released in 2017 of the saga set in the imaginative universe created by George Lucas who for some years has passed, not without controversy, his intellectual property at Disney. The place we are looking at is Canto Bight, a coastal city on the desert planet of Cantonica where luxury is at the top with the best casino in the galaxy, 5-star hotels and everything you can imagine costs a lot.

Obviously Canto Bight does not exist in our world and the author of the article thought however that it may have been inspired by Monte Carlo in the Principality of Monaco. So to calculate the costs of a hypothetical journey to CB, the cost was calculated in a luxury hotel in Montecarlo and more a space trip with Virgin Galactic, the company founded by the tycoon Richard Branson that in the near future will guarantee to bring wealthy tourists to space. The hypothetical cost therefore to arrive and stay at Canto Bight reaches the stratospheric figure of over 250,000 euros! A figure really for very few elected in the world.

TravellingDefinitely cheaper, we are talking about just over 3,000 euros, reaching the Overlook Hotel, the legendary hotel where Stephen King set his hugely successful novel, Shining, which was later transferred to cinema in 1980 by Stanley Kubrick and embellished from the epochal interpretation of Jack Nicholson. To calculate the cost of the expense in this case, the travel costs for a flight to Denver in Colorado were added together with the relative travel to the Stanley Hotel, the hotel that inspired King for his book. Added room, board and the cost of practicing some winter sports, so we can reach this place of worship for fans of horror cinema with a relatively limited outlay.

And if your savings are really reduced to the bone, don’t worry, there’s a solution for you too, especially if you love Harry Potter and in particular the prisoner of Azkaban, the movie released in the now far-off 2004. Hogwarts and Hogsmeade are located specifically in the Scottish highlands and perhaps with a low-cost flight you can manage to reach them from Italy with just over 200 euros if you also have a little bit of magic luck with you.