The Australian chef and wellness guru (“graduate” on Instagram) Pete Evans is at the center of the controversy for suggesting that looking directly at the sun would be one of the best forms of treatment.

“Every day I like to immerse myself in an experience in the purification of ocean water and a brief glimpse into the radiant light of the first sun rising or setting late,” wrote Evans on Instagram. “These simple but powerful practices must be two of the best forms of free medicine on the planet for the body, mind and spirit”.


Evans, who shares his wellness tips with his nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram, has been criticised in the past for giving suggestions with strong medical contraindications. Among other things, he advised against using sunscreen, calling it “poisonous”, and argued that fluoridated water would be the cause of all the problems of society.

While some have defended the Australian influencer, claiming that he only suggests a “brief look” in the sun, dawn or dusk, doctors and ophthalmologists remember that looking directly at the sun for a few seconds may be enough to cause irreparable damage to the eyes.

It must be said that Evans is not the only one to support the healing powers of the sun. There are even those who claim to be able to derive all the necessary nourishment from sunlight, and the consequences on health can sometimes be very serious: a few years ago, a fifty Swiss woman died of hunger after undergoing a diet based on only solar energy.