One of our followers has contacted us about tremors in Santa Margerita, Mosta. They happen often, almost every day, and if you’re unfamiliar with them you might end up running for shelter!

Yet it’s not an earthquake we are talking about! A quarry in the area, uses explosions to cut into the rock formations so as to create gravel for various uses. Now fascinating as this may be, at a time when we have had so many accidents involving collapsing buildings… we wonder why the hell is this allowed to happen!?

Residents have been complaining for years and yet no action has been taken! One particular resident, mentioned that at times, the tremors are so big that even frames fall off shelves in the house! Another mentioned how her niece who was visiting her got scared because she thought it was an earthquake.

A particular resident mentioned how a couple of years ago, they had started a petition but no action had been taken up to this date. So we ask – for how long will these residents have to live in fear that something will happen to their homes as a result of these daily strong tremors?