The trendy wallpapers and the latest fashion of wallcovering: today become a must have in homes that want to tell a story and that have a vocation of uniqueness and character. Here are some ideas to fill the environment and give a burst of novelty to your home in a simple and almost magical way.

Trends: 2019 is the year of wallcovering

The wallpaper where you do not expect it is the must have in the latest furniture trends for interior design. Whether  ecological, vinyl or  non-woven, they make every corner of the house suitable to be decorated, even kitchen or bathroom, thanks to the new waterproof and washable materials .

The choice of the right wallpaper is not easy and can affect the amount and type of furniture with which we complete the apartment; on the other hand, it must always be in harmony with the context of the house in which it is placed, as well as the external environment. It is an evergreen that, if used wisely, is able to give a touch of uniqueness to the environment we want to furnish as few other elements can do.

Trends: 2019 is the year of wallcoveringThe absolute novelty is the glass-fiber wallpaper, with two-fold decorative and protective function, but there is no lack of ecological or natural ones, totally in fabric, like the extremely precious silk that alone make the environment eccentric and sophisticated.

So here’s the architect’s advice to dress up the house with the trendy outfit or redo the look!

1. I love Tokyo: the mania of Japan goes crazy in interior design that incorporates the precepts of feng shui and the essential domestic culture of the Rising Sun.

2. Urban Jungle: a forest of tropical plants in the home is also possible for those without a green thumb simply by decorating a wall. In the bedroom, for example, creating a contrast between a brightly colored floral design with the glossy white wardrobe and the headboard of the sand-colored bed, or in the living room if natural wood furniture is already present, choosing a wallpaper with dense foliage.

3. As in a painting: having an impressionist landscape of Monet on the walls has never been so easy! The wallpapers that reproduce famous works are many, of great effect are those that reproduce the “Trompe-l’oeil effect” giving depth and elegance.

4. The secret garden: like the book of the writer Frances Hodgson Burnett, realises in your apartment your little oasis of relaxation to get rid of the chaos. Just choose one of the many foliage wallpapers produced in the refined Paris boutiques, but can be purchased with a click to furnish the bedroom as if it were a romantic fairytale forest for incurable romantics.

5. Brocade or damask: to create a harmonious and proportionate effect, it is preferable to choose large graphics in the case of spaces and high ceilings. Excellent use of a card with a deep and enveloping colour like the blue ocean to give identity to a large and anonymous entrance or hallway. Brocade or damask patterns give that touch of “drama” inevitable in classic style homes.

6. Glamour: fashion victims know that the best friends of a woman are the bright ones. If you want to illuminate the bedroom, the laying of a wallpaper with silver glitter is what you need. And the awakening with the first light of the morning, will certainly be in full Tiffany style …

7. Desire for travel: 2019 was decreed the year of slow travel and what’s better than a hot air balloon flight to see things from another perspective? The hot-air balloon wallpaper is part of a series for indomitable adventurers and travel bloggers who want to travel even when they are at home. Between large maps of the globe or geographical maps similar to treasure maps will be like daydreaming.

8. Years ’70: vintage never goes out of fashion. In the case of bare environments, a rich design is what it takes and will succeed in completing the environment. The advice is to throw on the floral motifs: the variety of bouquets are really many, but those with more character have macro petals and watercolor texture.

9. Geometric: optical or geometric designs, matte colours to match with a few isolated pieces of design, are the right choice if the room is already full of furniture. But the 3D wallpapers are the last frontier in terms of furnishings, with designs that create three-dimensional optical illusions or transform the anonymous walls of the house into architectural vaults with columns and medieval vaults.

10. Skyline: illuminated skyscrapers, giant bridges or a succession of New York buildings with the typical fire escape stairs of Brooklyn, the perfect background for an urban style loft is the skyline that today can be reproduced on a wallpaper thanks to a HD photo easily purchased online.

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