You know when you buy a garment that you really like and it becomes your favourite? You never really want to part from it right? Well, even though over 700 Euro for a pair of pants may seem an exaggerated figure, especially if they are not even designer pants. But in this case the price is tied to the quality of the materials used. Vollebak, producer of outdoor clothing, says that his new “100 Year Pants” can last for at least a century! 

Steve Tidball, co-founder of Vollebak, claims that the company is certain of being able to support the 100-year warranty, because the new pants are made of materials so durable that they can literally be used to pass through the flames. Technically, the 100 Year Pants are made with an innovative three-layer material designed to withstand various threats. The outer layer repels water and is designed to resist abrasion, the central layer is fireproof and expands at high temperatures, acting as a barrier between the legs and flames, while the third layer is an aramid fiber, a synthetic nylon that it does not burn or melt, offering extra protection.

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“Most of the fire-resistant clothing is made of heavy, uncomfortable materials and loaded with chemicals, but this is the first intelligent material in the world that can be worn comfortably every day, and alters its behaviour [when needed] in front of  fire”, explained Nick Tidball, who added that “the material was originally designed to help soldiers to handle the most extreme situations, but without having to dress as firefighters.”

Volleback has subjected his pants to the Martindale abrasion resistance test, where a mechanical thumb is rubbed against the fabric until the fibers begin to break. A normal polyester fabric can withstand around 25,000 cycles, but the innovative material of these pants has resisted 100,000 wear cycles, and even then there were no obvious signs of wear. Volleback claims there were no broken fibers.

The noticeable aspect of these pants is that they are not only incredibly durable, they would also be surprisingly comfortable. They are designed to adapt to the body, making them suitable for all types of activities, from climbing mountains to yoga, and are elegant enough to be worn even for informal occasions.