The alarm on the consumption of some supplements based on turmeric is triggered. The Italian Ministry of Health has provided, as a precaution, the withdrawal from the market of numerous packages of supplements because they are considered responsible for about 15 cases of hepatitis that were reported in May.

The fifteen cases were reported to the Higher Institute of Health (ISS) and concern a form of acute, non-infectious and non-contagious cholestatic hepatitis. In this regard, analyses are being carried out to make checks and ascertain their nature.

This is the Versalis – Geofarma srl, produced by Labomar; Rubigen turmeric and piperine, lot 250119 by Naturfarma; Curcumin + piperin – Vegavero – produced by Vanatari International GMBH; Naturando Maximum Curcuma, lot 18L264, by EKappa laboratorio Srl.

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They are different products, marketed by different companies, but united by the presence of turmeric among the ingredients. The hypothesis is that they were packaged with the same contaminated raw material.

“A reporting system in all local health authorities has been launched since the beginning, together with the Regions. It is probable, therefore, that other cases will be added, ” explained Marco Silano, director of the nutrition and health unit of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità. All consumers of turmeric supplements have been asked to suspend consumption as a precaution.