They are twins but they were born 97 days apart. Liana and Leonie are a very rare case. The two sisters despite being twins were born in two different years. One prematurely in 2018 and the other in 2019 at the end of the pregnancy.

twinsThe little ones were born in Cologne, Germany. The hospital of Cologne-Holweide gave the news of the case, where the twins were born 97 days apart. Today both are doing well but their condition was not easy to manage at first: “A twin birth in two phases is very rare all over the world,” said a spokeswoman for the clinics.

Liana was born prematurely on November 17th, weighed just 300 grams, while her sister was born last February 22nd, 4 days after the end of the pregnancy. “It is not the first time in our pediatric clinic that twins are born on different days in Holweide. But there had never been an interval of 97 days,” said the doctor who dealt with the case. Fortunately, despite the great difficulties, everything went well and the two are both at home with their parents and their older brother.