Yesterday Archbishop Scicluna had his 60th birthday… he is older than Twistees! Because Twistees has hit the big 50! It is know by all as Malta’s beloved cheesy snack.

‘Twistees, Malta’s iconic branded snack produced from the original factory in Marsa at Jetties Warf and established by Ray Calleja … With Darrell Lee Foods who manufactured Malta’s favourite nibbles Twistees and today, offering the household named brand snack in a variety of flavours.’

‘The initial attraction and uniqueness of Twistees was that it was one of the first snacks to be baked not fried.’ And maybe that is also one of the reasons why Twistees are possibly Malta’s most popular snack, loved by locals and foreigners alike. Everyone on the island has dipped their hand into a cheesy Twistees snack pack at least once. Rest assured that once you taste them (if you have never tasted them before), you will never go back and you will  be definitely licking your fingers right after!

How many of us Maltese have travelled abroad with a packet or two in our bags, just in case we get hungry on the plane? I know I have! It is the snack you will miss if you relocate abroad but fret not! They deliver WORLDWIDE!!!! Yes you heard right! Check their website by clicking HERE for more information.

Anyhow, to celebrate this milestone, Twistees have come up with a commemorative tin for their Twistees. Various shops around the island have stocked on these and you can buy one easily.

Happy birthday, Twistees!