Twitter has sent an email to a good portion of its audience to invite you to update as soon as possible to the latest version of the application for Android. The developers have in fact fixed a serious vulnerability that endangered the security and integrity of its users as well as the device itself.

The problem did not concern the official application for iOS or for iPhone and iPad, limiting itself only to the (very large) slice of the Google green robot cake.

Image: Pixabay

The danger we ran was that of unwanted access to a range of personal information. A cybercriminal could in fact have exploited the vulnerability to view private data even to control part of the main functions of the social network such as publishing tweets as well as direct messages.

Not a small bug, since it was as if it were really possible to take the reins of personal users on behalf of the legitimate owner with damage to the level of security as well as image in case of publication of uncomfortable content.

In the note spread by Twitter, it is explained that the bad guys could have access to users via a complex process by inserting malicious code in one of the restricted areas of the application Official and view protected information such as saved tweets, direct messages as well as the geolocation history .

There are no (yet) documented episodes of exploitation of the malicious code for illicit purposes, Twitter has acted in a timely manner to correct the flaw by immediately releasing the update that is downloadable – as always – free of charge from the Google Play Store for all smartphones compatible. The advice is therefore to immediately perform the update to get rid of any annoyance.

Recently, there was another problem that affected Twitter but not for direct responsibility: many users saw their accounts exposed after logging in from the social network on third-party apps regularly distributed on the Play Store. As always, it is better to check the origin and reliability of software several times, even if available on official markets.