Twitter is down in most of Europe, with several areas of Italy affected by the malfunction. The social network started to show some signs of slowing down on October 2nd 2019 after 10 am and the word of mouth generated mainly on Facebook has been confirmed in the specific online monitoring tools like Downdetector.

Above all, the site (by computer and mobile browser) is limping, while the application works intermittently. At the time of writing this article, Twitter is mostly down in the Central European area with France, Germany and the southern part of the United Kingdom.

Even Spain is concerned, while only marginally outbreaks are reported in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Balkan countries. Italy was initially excluded, but the curve is increasing especially in the north.

Image: DownDetector

In addition to Europe, it seems that in the last few minutes Japan is also partially affected by the phenomenon. At the moment there are no explanations about the malfunction, updates are awaited.

Update 2.45pm:

Everything is back to normal, the causes are still unclear, but it should have been a minor problem or simple maintenance. The official @TwitterSupport channel had announced: “The problem will be fixed shortly, you should be able to log in to Twitter as usual. If not, just wait a few minutes, thanks for waiting”.