Twitter is designing a tool that would allow users to moderate discussions, hiding some tweets. To reveal it is Jane Manchun Wong, a security researcher who, after having obtained the programming code from the social network, through the reverse engineering process has rebuilt Twitter with the moderation tool.

At the moment this tool is still under development and programming but according to Wong, it would allow users to hide the answers under their tweets. Moreover the tweet owner could decide, through an option, to show the hidden answers only to some selected users.


This tool has raised some doubts among Twitter users who have already classified it as “a double edged sword“. By hiding the “inconvenient” answers there is in fact the possibility that we can feed misinformation. Wong defended Twitter, arguing that the social will allow users to view hidden responses via a button. It is not yet known a release date of this feature nor if, after internal tests, will actually be proposed to the public.

twitter hide replies