Twitter has started the beta test that will allow the restricted group of selected users to try the new social network application: Twttr, which takes its name from the original one of the platform. The company intends to experiment with new ideas, layout or interaction between users, outside the public Twitter network and receive continuous feedback.

As announced by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Twttr will focus on developing projects regarding user conversations. The new app will lighten the news feed by hiding the interactions. Only in case of interest from the user, the retweet, answer or like buttons will appear once the tweet is selected.

The answers will have different colours and the layout of the tweets will have a more rounded shape, which is very reminiscent of chat messages. The colour distinction of the original retweets, replies and tweets will be coded to make it easier to follow a conversation. In this way, a user interested in a long conversation can follow the progress by following the “thread of the speech” identified by colour.

twttr logo
Image: Twitter

The beta test started only for Apple users, who in the past few months have sent their candidacy to the social media. A small group of beta testers received an email notifying them of the selection and providing a link to download the app. “Beta testers need to be aware that what they will use is a work in progress,” explained Sara Haider, director of product management for Twitter at Tech Crunch. There is the possibility that many features on Twitter can be deactivated or reactivated to test the operation of the new Twttr.

Applications to become beta testers are still open even for Android users who, however, will have to wait a few months before being able to access the test.